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  • Welcome to AGI Business Solutions!!!! At AGI, service eminence is our top significance. Our hallucination is to implement and manage the enrolment process for the clients creating an efficient and cost effective form of enrolment. We provide widespread quality assurance in our passion to serve the clients. Based, we offer the best HR solutions to our clients. Whether it is a company looking for workforces or a candidate looking for an employer, we understand that it is ‘people looking for people’. Hence, we act as a bridge between the two parties to help them meet and create synergies. With a client centric approach, we always give high importance to the satisfaction of our esteemed clients. We have thus, provided the most proficient workforce for all verticals.

  • Employees are the face of any association and hence, disturb the company’s brand reputation directly. On top of it, the right employees have a optimistic inspiration over customer satisfaction and the company’s balance sheet. It is hence authoritative for employers to seek employee background check services to build a secure workplace environment, while ensuring that their z comprised of employees who have the right skills and fit the organization’s culture and values.

    Employee Screening Services
    • Identity Verification.
    • Employment Check.
    • Education Check.
    • Physical Address Verification.
    • Professional Reference Check.
    • Police Verification.
    • CV Validation.
    • Background Checks.
    Delivery Boy Screening
    • Business Due Diligence
    • KYC Solutions.
    • Other Employee Verifications.
    • Matrimonial Check.
  • Documents Collection.
    • Nach Form collection.
    • KYC Docs Collection.
    • Banking agreement collection.
    • Cheque Collection.
    • Cash management.
    • Data Processing.
    • Digitization.
    Document Verification

    Customer details and the several business associated documents need to be certified for reliability of information as well as legitimacy, to comply with their monitoring compulsions.All organizations, generates a wide range of physical copy in various offices. Our document collection experts pick up all your documents directly from the specified location.

  • Audit

    Internal Audit of offices for maintaining the brand.Stock audit of manufacturing companies.Compliance audit.To avoid customer experience in term of shortage of product you need to update stock data digitally. Which helps our esteemed clients to satisfied the customers.

  • Obligatory vendor compliance programs are becoming more common when seeking to work with larger retailers or industrial establishments. Most have identified their own codes of conduct and/or other detailed supplier compliance requirements that often require frequent third-party evaluations for successful on going partnerships.Vendor compliance programs are created as an effort to improve supply chains and solutions. Retailers, associations and others are leveraging international standards and ensuring supply-chain transparency to key stakeholders.

    Benefits of partnering With Pro QC for assistance with vendor compliance management include: Avoids penalty and other chargeback fees by working with the supplier to ensure compliance. Avoid damage to your reputation caused by working with non-compliant factories. Allows for frequent, on-site evaluations and monitoring without the associated internal travel expenses. Utilizes experienced and knowledgeable auditors and process improvement specialists that use their expertise to work with suppliers on detailed improvement plans and schedules. The use of local resources reduces associated language and general coordination issues. Improves supply chain performance. Avoids delays in manufacturing and/or shipments.

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    Staying true to our origins, we realise that Customers and End Clients are the props to a constant and ever mounting business. The team at AGI is experienced in providing service to customers in the Technology, Banking, Finance, Insurance, Telecommunications and IT domains. Our solid infrastructure combined with our expertise helps us serve you better

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